BarlistPro is a tool that provides reinforcement schedule, tonnage and rebars area calculation. 

It allows the definition of a very wide range of reinforcement solutions for the following reinforced concrete elements:

  • Slabs
  • Columns
  • Walls
  • Beams
It allows the export of a dedicated drawing and the reinforcement schedule in Ms Excel format.

BarlistiPro is very useful for the tonnage calculation, for any structural elements it provides a default rebars arrangement which is always user defined. 

The arrangement provided includes all the principal rebars needed and the dimensions of each rebar is based on the structural element geometry.
It also provides reinforcement area comparison panel for single rebar or mesh arrangement.


BarlistFree is the freeware version of BarlistPro. It allows reinforcement calculation and tonnage for beam elements only.

It allows the rebars area calculation and comparison for a certain reinforcement arrangment. 

This freeware tool requires a quick registration, then please fill the below form to get a free activation code!

BarlistFree - Activation request


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