Biaxialcrack Perpetual


BiaxialCrack software Version 1.9 2021


Selecting this solution you will use BiaxiaCrack software, version 1.9, with no time limitation (perpetual license) for one machine (1 PC only) . This package includes technical support for the first year. 

BiaxialCrack (Version 1.9) is one of the most important tool developed by STRUANG. It allows the biaxial bending calculation of complex and generic composite sections with crack width calculation. Starting from a section CAD file (.dxf) is possible to define the reinforcement, all the embedded profiles and the openings through the concrete. BiaxialCrack studies the section using finite elements defining high level mesh. The software can be used for generic composite material. The current version has been written mainly for composite concrete/steel elements. After the calculation an excel report can be exported with all the relevant results.
Con questa soluzione avrai diritto all'utilizzo del software BiaxialCrack, versione 1.9, senza limitazioni nel tempo (licenza perpetua) per un solo computer. Questo pacchetto comprende il supporto tecnico per il primo anno.

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